Council for Homeopathic Certification
Job Analysis Survey

The purpose of this job task analysis survey is to prepare an accurate description of the knowledge and skills that an entry-level homeopathic practitioner should possess to competently perform the work of a homeopath. The survey data will be used for developing future versions of the CHC Certification examination.
This survey is designed to be completed by trained homeopaths. If you are not a homeopath through practice or training, please do not continue with this survey. 

The statements in this survey are written in Test Objective form which means that the knowledge, skills and tasks required of a homeopath are written in a manner that is measurable on an objective, multiple choice test. For example, a homeopath might “repertorize” and a Test Objective statement may read, “Selects the best repertorization for a case”.

Individual responses are confidential and anonymous. Also, individual responses will be combined with the responses of others who have completed the survey; only a summary of the responses will be reported. 

This survey is divided into three main sections:

(1)   ratings on test objectives 
(2)   survey wrap-up question
(3)   demographic questions

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